A New Year at The Open Door

We are so in awe of all that God is doing at The Open Door!  The Christmas season was an incredible time of helping those in need in our community.  We had well over 200 people in attendance at our annual Christmas dinner and another 150+ families taken care of in their homes with provision for food to prepare their Christmas dinners and gifts for each family member.

What we hear over and over again from those who receive assistance from The Open Door is that it's not so much about the stuff they receive (which they are very, very grateful for), but it's about knowing that people in the community care about them and that they are not alone as they journey through the hardships they face.

Just two weeks ago we met a man who had badly burned his hand.  Living on a small pension he did not have the money to pay for his prescriptions.  He had gone 4 days without pain killers -- the prescription was only $15.  Thankfully we had Wal Mart gift cards donated to us by a group of individuals.  Using those gifts we were able to fill his prescription.  Through further discussion we learned that he hadn't really been eating as he couldn't use his bad hand and he was in so much pain.  Someone else had donated Tim Horton's cards so we were able to give him those to buy meals and much needed coffee in this cold weather.  The man was so overwhelmed, he could not believe that this type of provision existed.  As he was about to leave we noticed that he wasn't wearing any gloves or a hat.  That particular week we were hitting temperatures into the -20s with the windchill.  As we dug through our wonderful knitted donations we found the perfect mitt - it was short but very wide, the perfect size to slide over his bandages!  The man left with a renewed sense of hope, he was amazed at how all of these things had come in at just the right time just for him.  

We are very excited for this new year at The Open Door.  We are so grateful for this website and look forward to updating it much more frequently to keep everyone in the loop about the wonderful things happening at The Open Door.

--Lynne, Jen & Krista, The Open Door Team