Responding to the Quiet Promptings of our Hearts

We are always amazed at the ways in which God responds to our prayers.  As you know from our last post, we are in great need of food and diapers.  Although we get low we know never to worry because God always provides.

On Tuesday afternoon two lovely ladies dropped by The Open Door.  They came bearing gifts -- two large boxes of diapers and a box of wipes!  It was an awesome surprise but it was even more beautiful to hear the way in which they had come in to The Open Door that day.  One of the ladies' mothers had heard Lynne speak at The World Day of Prayer in early March.  This mother had been really moved by the stories Lynne shared of God's work at The Open Door and she shared some of the stories with her daughter.  It had been on these two ladies' minds to come by and they were finally able to do so this week.  They wanted to bring something with them but they weren't sure what to bring.  "Randomly" (or, so they thought) they felt they should bring in diapers.  They had no idea of our great need for them!  These ladies faithfully listened to the promptings of God and their gifts have ministered to so many families in our community.

The story doesn't end there.  As we were visiting with these ladies and sharing more stories an excited mom came in with her 5 month old baby son.  We first met this mom about a month ago, just after a flood in their apartment had claimed most of this young family's possessions.  The mom was especially excited this day because she wanted to show off her son in the clothes he received from our Clothing Distribution Day the week prior.  Mom was doubly blessed to find out that we actually had diapers she could take that day.  There are a lot of challenges as this family rebuilds and starts over, but the love and support of their community makes it so much more bearable. 

The two ladies bearing diapers and wipes came in because of stories they had heard and left with their own story.  It is these little acts - listening to the promptings of God and following through, that can make all the difference in someone else's life and in our own.